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Body Fat Analyses

Dr. Nike Kohs 

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BIA measurement – body fat analysis and

nutrition-based health check

Would you like to know how good your health and nutritional status is and how high your risk of a diet-related illness could be?


Then carry out the check that our modern technology offers!

During this medical measurement, we determine your body composition with the aid of bioimpedance analysis using a device that delivers particularly precise

and reliable measurement results.

We will then explain your nutritional and exercise status to you, as well as any possible health risks


Body fat analysis and health check-up          

Determination of body fat percentage

​Determination of abdominal fat

​Determination of muscle mass

​Analysis of fluid consumption

​Determination of basal metabolic rate

and energy consumption

​Evaluative discussion 

Advice on how you can improveyour health status

​Printout of the measurement results to take away


I would be happy to guide you with a free information talk and make a personal offer.