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Binge Eating 

Dr. Nike Kohs 

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Binge eating is much more common than you think 

Experts estimate that 2.5%–3.5% of adults develop a binge eating disorder during their lifetime. It is not only women that are affected, but also many men. The causes of its onset are not yet known for certain. Most often, it is the interaction of personal characteristics and attitudes with external factors, very often including occupational stress. 


We help you to stop binge eating and to

develop normal eating behaviour 

Do you also suffer from recurrent food cravings, then lose control of eating and sometimes feel like you are being externally controlled? Do you then feel guilty or even disgusted, but do not attempt to get rid of the calories by vomiting?

With our programme, based on insights from current behavioural psychology, we help you regain control over your eating habits. During this very personal process, we will empathetically help you discover what is behind these binge eating episodes in your case. Likewise, you will learn to integrate an orderly meal structure with a balanced diet into your life. We will develop personal alternatives to the binge eating episodes and will practise once more discerning hunger, satiety and appetite with you, and satisfying these mindfully and intuitively. Other building blocks include developing a positive body image and strategies for stress reduction. The goal is for you to be able to eat unburdened again in the future, and without a guilty conscience. 


In the case of binge eating disorders involving mental illness, you should first seek medical help. However we can provide accompanying support to you in such cases. Please note that we are a private practice only and our services are not covered by statutory health insurance.