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Burnout Prevention

Dr. Nike Kohs 

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Stress management, resilience training and burnout prevention

Do you get the feeling everything is just too much and often feel exhausted and stressed? 

An increasing intensification of workload in companies and the manifold challenges one faces in one's private life are increasingly leading to situations of chronic overload.


This has an increasingly negative effect on your health and, in the worst case, can lead to burnout. It is often difficult to get out of this cycle on one's own. Stress is not your destiny – rather, you can actively do something about it. 

We help you to identify your personal stressors, rethink your lifestyle habits, prioritise, and change your habitual behavioural patterns. We enjoy supporting you in reducing tension and increasing your resilience to stress. We will practise dealing constructively with your personal stress situations and developing better awareness of your needs.

In a protected atmosphere, we will empathetically and carefully explore your feelings and thoughts.