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Stress Reduction





We share our enthusiasm for health with you 

Do you want to develop a healthy lifestyle so that you feel completely comfortable in your body: relaxed, effective, light and fit? We support you in the areas of stress reduction, nutritional counselling, anti-ageing and exercise. We pursue a holistic approach and work out the right concept for you personally. And so that you can implement this well, we also provide you with the necessary motivation.

Stress reduction/burnout prevention

Do you get the feeling that burdens in your professional and private life are just too much, and increasingly feel exhausted and stressed? We help you to reduce tension and deal constructively with tangible stress situations. We not only strengthen your resilience in the process, but also give you tips for achieving optimised time- and self-management and a healthy work-life balance.

Nutritional counselling:

weight reduction, binge eating, dietary advice 

Why do you successfully reduce your starting weight by up to 8–10% in 4 weeks with us, and keep it off as well? Because we create an individual concept for you and work using a holistic method. And most importantly: we support you step by step along the way and motivate you until you have reached your desired weight.


Do you suffer from binge eating and feel desperate? With our programme, based on current behavioural psychology, you can regain control over your eating habits. We will sensitively help you to uncover what is behind this in your personal case and to practise behavioural alternatives so that you can enjoy your meals again unburdened in the future.


Bowel diseases or diabetes type II are just a few examples where we can significantly alleviate symptoms and reduce consequential illnesses through individual dietary advice and nutritional therapy.

Achieve your goals with motivation 

Our coaching involves motivational techniques and is based on cognitive behavioural psychology. It helps you reach your health goals and lead a favourable lifestyle over the long term.

Health and anti-ageing with vital substances/micronutrients

On the basis of orthomolecular medicine, we develop a personal concept for you for taking dietary supplements that is both useful and cost-effective. In doing so, we improve your individual health status and support you in anti-ageing.


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