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Occupational Health Management (OHM) 

Dr. Nike Kohs - Berlin - Tel. 0173 - 617 40 80 

Individual solutions for unique companies

The topic of health in companies is becoming increasingly important. Backgrounds include the new legal regulations and the personnel policy challenges of our time, which also apply to small and medium-sized companies.  

The employees are your company's most important asset! Health promotion must be precisely tailored to your company's circumstances, with all its idiosyncrasies. It's about developing a healthy corporate culture that will make you the entrepreneur and your employees the winner. 

I would be pleased to advise and assist you in setting up a company health management system that is target group oriented and cost efficient. 

I would be happy to guide you with a free consultation


Health Management

Dr. Nike Kohs

Tel: 0173 - 617 40 80 

Giesensdorfer Straße 29

12207 Berlin. |. Steglitz-Zehlendorf


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