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Our services

Fast and sustained weight loss

up to 8–10% of starting weight in 4 weeks


Detailed health medical history 


​BIA measurement (body fat analysis)


Nutrition check through evaluating food diaries    

Intensive therapy with individual consultation

(personal conversations and emails)

Personal motivational and behavioural training

Individual nutrition and exercise plan

Naturopathic support

No calorie counting, easy to implement

(also suitable for business trips)

Detailed, individual documents

​Aftercare and relapse prevention

Weight Reduction

Dr. Nike Kohs 

Tel:  0173 - 617 40 80 


Praxis:   Giesensdorfer Straße 29 

             12207 Berlin / Steglitz-Lichterfelde

The path to efficient and long-lasting weight loss –

you are the focus


The reasons for being overweight are varied and very personal. Weight loss is a major challenge for most of those affected. Professional or very dedicated people, above all, often fail, because conventional diets cannot be made compatible with their lives. In order to make it easy for you to reach and maintain your goal weight, I will create an individual programme for you for the right motivation and nutrition. This is successful, because your life circumstances and preferences take centre stage.

The nutritional plan is individually created on the basis of your wishes and any possible illnesses you may have and incorporates the latest scientific findings for activating the metabolism. It is easy to implement and also suitable for business trips. The same applies to the supplementary exercise plan and the naturopathic accompaniment. I will help you to internalise your new eating habits so that a healthy lifestyle becomes the norm for you. I will take you by the hand and motivate you until you have reached your desired figure.

You will not only be slim, but will also think and act like a slim person in the future!