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Dr. Nike Kohs - Berlin - Tel. +49 (0)173 - 617 40 80 

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Body Fat Measurement


Weight-based health check

For the body analysis, we use a professional scale from the company Tanita, which is highly reliable and has medical approval. Besides the exact determination of your body weight, it is able to perform a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). The measurement is quick and harmless.

The BIA measurement provides you with data to evaluate your body fat (including belly fat), muscle mass, body water percentage, bone mass, basal metabolic rate and BMI. The measurements are carefully evaluated by us and discussed with you. In the process, we explain to you your nutritional and training status, but also any health risks.



Body fat measurement 
(on site only)    
€ 59,- (30 min)

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  • Determination of body fat percentage 

  • ​Determination of abdominal fat

  • ​Determination of muscle mass, body water balance

  • ​​Determination of basal metabolic rate and energy consumption

  • Printout of the measurement results to take away

  • ​Evaluative discussion 

  • Advice on how you can improve your health status

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Dr. Nike Kohs

Giesensdorfer Str. 29 · 12207 Berlin

Tel: +49 173 617 40 80


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