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Occupational Health Management (OHM) 

Dr. Nike Kohs - Berlin - Tel. 0173 - 617 40 80 


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Dr. Nike Kohs      

Occupational Health Manager

"Healthy living and working" are my passion

Through my many years of experience as a senior executive with responsibility for human resources in the private sector, I'm very familiar with the challenges of increasing work intensification and automation and the resulting demands on employees. At the same time, as a partner of a well-known tour operator, I have experienced the entrepreneurial perspective of an employer. I found that my own attitude to occupational health led to remarkably positive effects within the company. With Mentabolics I would like to pass on my experience and expertise to you.


In order to be able to offer your company professional measures in the area of workplace health promotion and integration management that are as diverse as possible, I work together with experienced and reliable partners. 

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