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Health and Anti-Aging

Micronutrients and vital substances 

More nature and less chemicals for a long, healthy life

Micronutrient therapy is used to optimally supply your body with the vital substances it needs for its diverse cellular and organ functions. Inadequate intake of micronutrients can lead to impaired metabolic processes in the body as well as an increase in free radicals, which in turn cause cellular damage and weaken the immune system.

As part of the consultation on vital substances, we select the appropriate micronutrients and phytotherapeutics for you. On the basis of orthomolecular medicine, we develop a personal concept for you for taking vital substances orally that is both useful and cost-effective. In doing so, we improve your individual health status and help preserve your vitality and performance, right up into old age (anti-ageing).  The basis for this is, of course, a detailed medical history, during which we will happily incorporate medical findings from your doctor in addition to your personal complaints. We only recommend dietary supplements to you whose effects have been tested in studies and which are also available from the pharmacy.

Why deficiencies of vital substances are so widespread

Food quality has deteriorated so much in recent decades that, despite a healthy diet, one does not always manage to obtain enough of all the vital substances one needs.



Pre-contamination of soils, storage duration and methods, industrial processing and genetic modification of foodstuffs leads to loss of vitamins and minerals. Germany, for example, is not only an iodine-deficient region, but the trace element selenium is also insufficiently supplied in food here.    

Many people have an increased need for micronutrients   

Personal stresses, such as stress, consumption of stimulants and specific diets (veganism, total fasting over an extended period) result in an individual increased need for micronutrients. The same applies to certain phases of life, such as pregnancy, growing children, or old age. Regularly taking medications, such as the pill and aspirin, can also reduce one's absorption of vitamins. What is more, studies have shown that increased doses of micronutrients can improve disease patterns.        


Micronutrient consultation      

Online ore on site
€ 89,- ( 60 min )

  • Medical history of health status 

  • ​Determination of one's health goal

  • ​Recommendation of suitable micronutrients 

  • ​Accompanying documents

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Dr. Nike Kohs

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