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Personal Health Management

Nutrition   Motivation   Relaxing   Anti Ageing
Dr. Nike Kohs - Berlin - Tel. +49 (0)173 - 617 40 80 

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Nutrition Counselling

Weight reduction, dietary advice, binge eating,

diet for athletes, healthy vegan 

As a specialist in weight reduction, I have developed a holistic program that is particularly successful and sustainable and with which I have already been able to help many people. In the context of dietary counselling, e.g. for intestinal diseases or diabetes II, it is usually possible to alleviate complaints or significantly improve blood sugar levels with the help of a change in diet. A special focus of our practice is nutrition-related cholesterol counselling.

Do you suffer from binge eating? With our program you can manage to regain control over your eating behaviour. In addition, we offer optimised nutrition for athletes (competitive and recreational for various sports).

I will also be happy to advise you on changing or optimising a vegan diet without deficiency symptoms.

Körperfettanalyse (nur in der Praxis) (30 min)            € 59,-

  • Bestimmung Körperfettanteil und Bauchfett

  • Ermittlung Muskelmasse und Körperwasser

  • Bestimmung Grundumsatz und Energieverbrauch

  • Ausdruck der Messergebnisse (Grafik)

  • Auswertungsgespräch

  • Beratung, wie Sie Ihren Gesundheits-/Trainingszustand

  • verbessern können

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Weight reduction
Intense therapy

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The path to efficient and long-lasting weight loss –

you are the focus


The reasons for being overweight are varied and very personal. Weight loss is a major challenge for most of those affected. Professional or very dedicated people, above all, often fail, because conventional diets cannot be made compatible with their lives. In order to make it easy for you to reach and maintain your goal weight, I will create an individual programme for you for the right motivation and nutrition. This is successful, because your life circumstances and preferences take centre stage.

The nutritional plan is individually created on the basis of your wishes and any possible illnesses you may have and incorporates the latest scientific findings for activating the metabolism. It is easy to implement and also suitable for business trips. The same applies to the supplementary exercise plan and the naturopathic accompaniment. I will help you to internalise your new eating habits so that a healthy lifestyle becomes the norm for you. I will take you by the hand and motivate you until you have reached your desired figure.


Weight reduction

Intense therapy


(Online or on site)


Ask for a personal offer

  • Intensive therapy with individual consultation

  • Additionally support via e-mail / whatsapp

  • Evaluation of detailed medical history (health, lifestyle, eating habits)

  • ​Body fat measurement (BIA analysis)

  • Nutrition check through evaluating food diaries 

  • Individual nutrition and exercise plan

  • Exemplary meal plan

  • Simple recipes (personal food and quantities) 

  • Recommendation for micronutrients, detox program

  • Folder with detailed, individual documents

  • Motivational and behavioural training

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Weight reduction / General nutrition counselling

You don't need a holistic therapy? But would you still like to change your diet and reduce weight or simply eat healthily? 


You fill out a food diary for 2-3 days, on the basis of which I evaluate your current eating behaviour, e.g. according to calorie intake, macro- and micronutrient supply, acid-base balance, exercise behaviour and much more. For this purpose, I prepare a written report, which also contains concrete suggestions for weight reduction or optimisation of your eating habits.

If you have problems to change your diet or need motivational help, you can book individual sessions as needed.



Weight reduction

General nutrition counselling


(Online or on site)


€ 89,- (60 Min.)

  • 1 x body fat measurement (on site only)

  • Determination of calorie requirements

  • Evaluation of 3 nutrition diaries in the course of a personal interview

  • Written suggestions for optimising your eating habits 

  • Accompanying documents

Diet Counselling

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Improve health and alleviate complaints 

There are many nutrition-related diseases that can be positively influenced by changing eating habits in addition to medical therapy. In doing so, complaints are alleviated and the risk of secondary diseases is reduced.

I am happy to support you with

nutritional therapy for the following diseases:

Fat metabolism disorder (cholesterol counselling)

Diabetes mellitus type 2

Irritable bowel syndrome


Food intolerances

Hashimoto's thyroiditis



Diet Counselling  


(Online ore on site)


€ 89,- (60 Min.)

  • Evaluation of your medical history form

  • Written evaluation of 3 nutrition diaries 

  • Suggestions for optimising your nutritional habits according to your clinical picture in a personal interview

  • Accompanying documents according to the clinical picture


vegan diet

Vegane Tacos

We help you to practice a simple

and healthy vegan diet


Veganismus Veganism is a particularly ethical and ecological way of eating. How healthy it is depends on how carefully the meals are put together. To ensure that you do not develop any deficiencies in proteins, vitamin B12, calcium or iron, we will help you with the selection and composition of foods and, if necessary, recommend suitable dietary supplements. In this way, we are happy to support you in changing or optimising your diet so that no nutrient deficiencies develop and you live a truly healthy and energetic life.       


Healthy vegan diet


(Online or on site)


€ 89,- (60 Min.)

  • Written evaluation of 3 food diaries 

  • Suggestions for optimising your vegan diet

  • Tips for meal planning with sufficient coverage of your nutrient needs

  • Accompanying documents

Binge Eating


I will help you to stop binge eating and

develop normal eating behaviour

With our program, which is based on current behavioural psychological findings, I will support you in regaining control over your eating behaviour. During this very personal process, we sensitively help you to uncover your background for the eating binges. At the same time, you will learn to integrate an orderly meal structure with a balanced diet into your life. We work out personal alternatives to the binge eating and practise with you how to perceive hunger, satiety and appetite again and how to satisfy them mindfully and intuitively. Further components are the development of a positive body image and strategies for stress reduction. The aim is that you can eat again in the future without worrying and without a guilty conscience.   

iIn the case of a psychologically caused binge-eating disorder, you should first seek medical help. In this case, however, we can provide you with support. Please note that we are a purely private practice and our services are not paid for by the health insurance companies.  

Diet for


Man Trinkwasser


Binge Eating


(Online or at site)


€ 79,- (60 Min.)

  • Situation analysis of binge eating

  • Establishment of an orderly meal structure

  • Exercises for personal action alternatives 

  • Development of a positive body image

  • Pleasure training

  • Strategies for stress reduction

Generally several appointments are required

The right nutrition for recreational

and competitive athletes

An optimised diet can not only support but also significantly improve performance during training and competition.

We pay special attention to optimising your protein requirements while maintaining an acid-base balance. If weight loss is also desired, we offer a special programme that focuses on muscle maintenance.

We advise you on fitness, endurance sports (biking, running),

weight training, martial arts and golf.     


Nutrition for athletes 

(Online or on site)


€ 89,- (60 Min.)

  • Determination of body fat and muscle percentage (on site only)

  • Evaluation of 3 nutrition diaries during a personal consultation

  • Suggestions for optimising your diet according to the type of sport you do  

  • Accompanying documents

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