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Personal Health Management

Nutrition   Motivation   Relaxing   Anti Ageing
Dr. Nike Kohs - Berlin - Tel. +49 (0)173 - 617 40 80 

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Gain the Expertise and Motivation to lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you want to develop a healthy lifestyle so that you feel completely comfortable in your body: relaxed, powerful, light and fit? I will support you in the areas of nutritional counselling, stress reduction, anti-ageing and exercise. I’ll pursue a holistic approach and work out the right concept for you personally. So that you can achieve this, I will also provide you with the necessary motivation.

I have a lot of experience with intercultural coaching and I am

familiar with international menus and eating habits.


Around the clock holistic, individual care:

Online or in my practice rooms in German and English language.

Take the first step and contact me.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Dr. Nike Kohs

Nutritionist, Naturopath, Motivational Coach

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Nutrition Counselling

Weight reduction, dietary advice, binge eating, diet for athletes, healthy vegan

How will you successfully reduce your starting weight by up to 10% in 4 weeks with us, and keep it off as well? Because we create an individual concept for you and work using a holistic method regarding a personal diet, exercises, stress reduction and vitamins. 


We’ll focus on your life situation and preferences. And most importantly: we’ll support you step by step along the way and motivate you until you have reached your desired weight. Above all we are familiar with international menus and eating habits.

Body Fat Measurement


Weight-based health check

Would you like to know what your body fat to muscle mass ratio?


Then carry out the check that our modern technology offers!

During this medical measurement, we determine your body composition with the aid of bio-impedance analysis using a device that delivers particularly precise

and reliable results.

You will receive a comprehensible representation of your body fat percentage, abdominal fat, muscle mass, BMI, water balance and basal metabolic rate as well as energy consumption. We will then discuss your nutritional and exercise status as well as any possible health risks.

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Burnout Prevention

Stress reduction and resilience training

Do you get the feeling that burdens in your professional and private life are just too much, and increasingly feel exhausted and stressed? We help you to reduce tension and deal constructively with tangible stress situations.


We not only strengthen your resilience in the process, but also give you tips for achieving optimised time- and self-management and a healthy work-life balance.


Health and Anti-Ageing 

More nature and less chemistry

for a long and healthy life

On the basis of orthomolecular medicine, we develop a personal concept for you for taking dietary supplements that is both useful and cost-effective. In doing so, we improve your individual health status and support you in anti-ageing. It also helps to stabilise the immune system.


Regarding Long Covid we were able to achieve good results in which the symptoms of fatigue in particular were improved.


Achieve your goals

with motivation 


Our coaching involves motivational techniques and is based on cognitive behavioural psychology. It helps you reach your health goals and lead a favourable lifestyle over the long term.


The motivational training helps you to identify the reasons for unfavourable habits and we show you techniques to change them positively.

You will be able to implement the new behaviour in your everyday life to achieve lasting success.


You are the focus

We respond to your

needs and wishes

With our holistic approach, your wishes and needs are the centre of attention right from the start. We always consider your health problems in the context of your general lifestyle and therefore provide you with comprehensive advice. For example, poor sleep quality and stress can lead to bad eating habits, or lack of exercise combined with a difficult life situation can lead to mental exhaustion. For this reason a detailed anamnesis is important for our coaching.


I will consult you individually
and be flexible, with an honest interest for your needs

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Consulting in the practice 

The practice is located in Berlin-Steglitz. Here we perform the body fat measurements and all other counselling services.


In addition to the practice rooms, we can also use a beautiful garden with a pond which offers us coaching sessions in a very relaxed atmosphere.


Mentabolics, Dr. Nike Kohs

Giesensdorfer Straße 29 

12207 Berlin-Steglitz

Online Consulting

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You want to save time or you don't live in Berlin? We are specialised in offering all counselling services online in the form of video-call counselling. And we also support you via whatsapp and e-mails.


We will send you your personal nutrition and sports plans, cooking recipes, diet plans or dietary supplement recommendations. After that, we discuss everything with you in detail during the video conference.

Clients Opinions


Weight reduction

Due to an injury, I had a few too many kilos that I really wanted to get rid of, but couldn't do it on my own. As a fitness athlete, it was important for me to lose weight without losing muscle mass. Thanks to mentabolics, I achieved my goals in a short time. I received a diet plan that was perfectly tailored to me, with personal quantities and foods that I like. The online sessions motivated me a lot and I got a lot of special knowledge about healthy nutrition in sports.  


Robert S.


- Media

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Here you will find current information


diet and burnout


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Persönliches Gesundheitsmanagement

Dr. Nike Kohs

Giesensdorfer Str. 29 · 12207 Berlin

Tel: +49 173 617 40 80


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