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BIA measurement is on many people's lips right now, but what does it actually mean and what results can one expect?

A medical measurement method for determining body composition

Bioelectrical impedance analysis uses an electrical resistance measurement to determine the composition of the body and to provide information about one's state of health, nutritional status, and risk of a diet-related illness.

Compared to classical measu...


 Sound familiar? If you start the morning with a wonderfully delicious croissant with raspberry jam or – even better – with a sumptuous chocolate croissant, this can result in you being plagued by cravings and hunger for the entire day.

Though you feel full of energy and good humour after your "sweet breakfast", you will often fall into a concentration slump before lunch already, which is connected to a hunger for sweet things....

Stress is everywhere. The topic itself has become rather stressful. Every magazine, whether lifestyle, health or management, features at least one article to help us deal with stress in a better way and, such is the latest fashion, improve our stress resistance.

Building up stress resistance means reducing our stress levels and our general stress vulnerability. Sounds nice, but it is more difficult than buying a bullet-proof ve...


During my psychotherapy training, we discussed the concept of “emotional hunger” on a number of occasions, primarily in the context of eating disorders. I liked the phrase, it resonated with me immediately and has stayed with me ever since.

While I have never suffered from a diagnosable eating disorder myself, I (as most people) know that I eat differently depending on my emotional status and I am prone to over-eating whe...

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