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Stress management, healthy leadership and burnout prevention

Stress is everywhere. The topic itself has become rather stressful. Every magazine, whether lifestyle, health or management, features at least one article to help us deal with stress in a better way and, such is the latest fashion, improve our stress resistance.

Building up stress resistance means reducing our stress levels and our general stress vulnerability. Sounds nice, but it is more difficult than buying a bullet-proof vest in the store. The simple fact that the flood of such or similar articles has not decreased shows that the discourse has not yet come to an end and that no one has yet found the magic formula that works for everybody.

A change of perspective can help. If we stop considering stress as something external to us, but as something that is created within and through us. And by changing our perspective on what stress actually is.

The best definition of stress that I have encountered in my studies as a life coach and psychotherapeutic counsellor goes as follows:

“Stress is the subjective perception that our own resources are not enough to cope with a situation.”